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Centers for Disease Control

AAP-Information for Parents

AAP Symptom Checker

AAP-Informacion para los padres

AAP-Sintomas de Problemas de Salud

National Institute of Mental Health:

National Alliance on Mental Illness:

Dr. Karp's Happiest Baby

Purple Crying & Sleep

Information for parents and kids

Learning Disabilities:

Children and Media   

Toys and Learning:

Tickborne Diseases:

National Resource Center on AD/HD

National Library of Medicine Medline Plus

FARE-Food Allergy Research and Education:

Find a Pediatrician when traveling

Immunizing Your Child

Children's Hospital at Philadelphia:

CDC Vaccine Information:

Immunization Action Coalition:

Immunization Schedule Birth through 6 years

Video: Vaccines for Babies & Older Kids

The  Vaccine Schedule

Immunization Schedule 7 through 18 years

Video: "Facing Meningitis"